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"Mermaid Bedroom" C.E.Cornwell
"Winter Nymph" C.E.Cornwell
"Centaur I" C.E.Cornwell

This original fairy illustration has been selected to be sold at auction May 9th! So this is a special tumblr preview.

C.E.Cornwell, “Fairy with Roses” Feb 3, 2014.

I first drew this tiny lovely on Aug 1st 2013, then used the sketch to create this original pencil illustration. Her flirty nature was evident as she displayed her delicate rose crown.

"Mermaid with Seashell Crown" (version 1) C.E.Cornwell, 2014.

"Mermaid with Seashell Crown" (version 1) C.E.Cornwell, 2014.

"Sea Snake" C.E.Cornwell, 2014.

If You See a Fairy Ring

If you see a fairy ring

In a field of grass,

Very lightly step around,

Tiptoe as you pass;

Last night fairies frolicked there,

And they’re sleeping somewhere near.

If you see a tiny fairy

Lying fast asleep,

Shut your eyes and run away,

Do not stay to peep;

And be sure you never tell,

Or you’ll break a fairy spell.

"Fairy Forest" C.E.Cornwell
Ice Princess by C.E.Cornwell

Lavender Money Spell

Place in a bag seven pieces of money, all different (such as a penny, dime, or currency from other countries), cover with lavender, and carry for seven days. This will increase your finances sevenfold.